Cheeba Girl goes from art to real

Cheeba magazine is just getting started with illustrations of sexy women drawn as cannabis. But this time we are going to take it a step further. 

Here’s the plan.

We want to make Cheeba Girl Magazine real as possible and we knew of a body paint artist that could work magic. 

One of the best body paint artists in Baltimore Maryland Mandy Gibson is very talented in horror FX as well as many other art forms. We’ve actually had a chance to work with her at the 2018 Awesome Con in Washington D.C. 

 Unfortunately, she was not about to body paint this time, but she did hip us to another body paint artist that is right up our alley. 

Meet Jessica Wagner 
Body paint Artist and Cannabis lover. Though her specialty is horrifying body paint art, she is very versatile in other genres. Before we got started I knew that there had to be a focal point of the whole body art and that’s a headpiece made of cannabis in the shape of an afro.

The next step was to find a model to transform into the first Cheeba Girl, for that we chose Emily Jade who has experience in body paint modeling. S we set a production date for July 16th and a few things went wrong. The photographer Rachel became ill and had to be taken to the hospital, we all prayed for her that night she would make a healthy recovery. 

The good thing was Jessica knew of another photographer that was willing to fill in for Rachel. We were all set for the beginning of the transformation.

The first Cheeba Girl Emily Jade

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