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Legalizing Recreational Marijuana in Maryland

On November 8th, Maryland voters will have the opportunity to vote on Question 4, which proposes legalizing recreational marijuana in the state. If passed, the measure would allow adults over 21 to possess up to 1.5 ounces of marijuana or up to two marijuana plants starting on July 1st, 2023.

In addition, larger amounts of up to 2.5 ounces would only be punishable by a civil fine. This is an important step forward for Maryland, and we urge everyone to vote Yes on Question 4.

Here’s why you should consider voting yes on Question 4, and legalizing recreational marijuana in Maryland.

Marijuana Prohibition Unfairly Targets Minority Communities

Marijuana prohibition has profoundly and disproportionately impacted minority communities in Maryland. For example, incarceration rates for drug charges are six times higher for African Americans than whites. A major reason for this is the war on drugs.

By legalizing Question 4, decriminalization will allow police officers to focus on more serious crimes. Without the burden of enforcing marijuana prohibition, our police officers can keep our communities safe in more effective and helpful ways.

It Will Generate Revenue for the State

Marijuana legalization would generate revenue for the state through taxation. States that have legalized marijuana have seen a significant increase in tax revenue, which can be used to fund critical public services like education and infrastructure. In Colorado, for example, marijuana tax revenue was over $423 million in 2021. If Maryland were to generate a similar amount of tax revenue, it would significantly boost the state budget.

Legalization would also stimulate the Maryland economy by creating additional jobs, like delivery drivers and dispensary workers. Creating opportunities for small businesses is an integral part of economic growth, and the cannabis industry is a great way to do that.

Marijuana Legalization Will Allow Maryland to Regulate the Industry

If Question 4 passes, Maryland can create a system to license and regulate the marijuana industry. This will create jobs and economic opportunities for Marylanders while ensuring that the marijuana sold in the state is safe and high-quality.

Without regulation, the marijuana industry is controlled by the black market, which is unsafe and unreliable. By voting yes on Question 4, you can help make sure that the marijuana industry in Maryland is safe and well-regulated.

Marijuana Legalization is Good for Public Health

Despite the myths about marijuana, it’s far safer than other substances like alcohol and prescription medications. In addition, marijuana has many medical applications that can benefit patients with various conditions.

Pain relief is one of the top reasons people use marijuana, and it is far better for daily use than many prescription painkillers.

In short, marijuana legalization is good for public health and will allow many to safely and effectively treat their health conditions. In addition, it will generate revenue for Maryland and create jobs. And it will help end some of the unfair targeting of minority communities by the police.

At Cheeba Magazine, we urge you to vote yes on Question 4 on election day and legalize recreational marijuana in Maryland. If you’re interested in learning more about Question 4 and how you can vote, check out the Yes on 4 campaign today.

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