Initiative 71

: The Benefits for D.C. Residents

On November 4, 2014, Washington D.C. residents voted in favor of Initiative 71 – the Marijuana Legalization Initiative. Under this measure, the government’s tight grip on marijuana has loosened, freeing many D.C. residents from an inability to enjoy cannabis.

This has been huge for the residents of D.C. and finally allows us to grow our own plants and move forward from the disparaging war on drugs. Here are some benefits of Initiative 71 that D.C. residents can finally take advantage of.

You Can Grow up to Six Plants

Under the new law, adults 21 and older can cultivate up to six marijuana plants, with three being mature, in their residences. This is a great way to save cash if you enjoy smoking marijuana recreationally, as buying from a dispensary can get expensive. It also ensures you can always have a supply on hand and don’t have to worry about running out.

Not only that, but with the freedom to grow our marijuana, we can finally start to create our own strains and experiment with different cultivation methods. This has been illegal in the past and not available to D.C. residents.

Initiative 71 is especially beneficial for those using marijuana for therapeutic purposes. They can now grow their supply and not worry about finding a particular strain or having to leave their home.

You Can Possess up to Two Ounces

Another benefit of Initiative 71 is that it allows adults to share marijuana with other adults. Before, this could result in hefty fines and even jail time, leaving cannabis enthusiasts frequently paranoid and misunderstood.

Now, adults can freely share marijuana with other adults if they are not selling it.

An Emerging Gifting Community

Although Initiative 71 has provided several benefits, it still does not allow for the sale of marijuana. As a result, to exchange marijuana, dispensaries and other businesses have emerged that operate as “gifting communities.” Several companies also work using a donation-based system.

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